How Bitcoinmixer works?

Bitcoin Mixer

Only 3 easy steps to your freedom.

1.  Enter up to five BTC addresses and send the coins you want to mix to the newly generated address. Only one confirmation is needed.

2. btcmixer shuffle your coins and make them untraceable. We dont save any logs from you even not your IP Address. All orders are automatically deleted.

3. Once the mixing process is complete, btcmixer will send you new clean BTCs, with the delay you choose, to your Adresses.

Mix your BTCs in seconds with our very simple mixer dasboard.

Bitcoin Mixer

Easy to use

  • With btcmixer, even your grandparents can make Bitcoins untraceable! You can decide how much fees you want to pay and how long the mixing process should take. More fees and a longer mixing time also means more anonymity.
  • Adding up to 5 recipient addresses makes tracking even more difficult and with btcmixer you are fully protected. We will then distribute your clean coins to these addresses when the mixing process is completed.
  • After you have received your clean Bitcoins from us, your order will be deleted automatically. We do not store any logs of your transaction.

Protecting your anonymity is our obligation


Bitcoin mixing works by sending your coins to one of our secure mixing pools. The cryptocurrency is then mixed with coins belonging to other people. You then receive coins from other wallets (not related to yours, and with no link to your original address). This effectively severs the link from your old address to the new bitcoin location. It gives you complete freedom to pay anonymously, on a public blockchain.

We are a bitcoin mixer. We don’t offer any other service. It is our full-time business to keep your coins safe, maintain your absolute privacy, and give you anonymity online. That’s what we do best. Our tech team constantly monitors cryptocurrency news channels for information that will help us improve the service, and any vulnerabilities out there. We are here to keep you safe. | BITCOIN BLENDER | BITCOIN TUMBLER | BITCOIN MIXER

btcmixer helps you protect your privacy and identity and mix your Bitcoins easily and cheaply without storing any logs from you.


btcmixer is a mixing service that allows Bitcoin owners to disguise their Bitcoin transactions, so that no one can trace their BTCs back anymore. Without mixing your Coins, everyone can track your wallet addresses and transactions in the Blockchain. The minimum deposit is just 0.0015 BTC. Coinomize generates the letter of gurantee for each transaction signed by its public address to make sure that it comes from

If you send your Bitcoins to btcmixer, only one confirmation is needed.

We do not store any logs of your transaction, not even your IP or Bitcoin addresses. We delete all orders after 24-72 hours (Depending on choosen delay time.), 

Simply create a support ticket and we will respond as soon as possible. Usually in just a few hours, but within 24 hours at the latest. We want to offer you the best possible support and answer always any Ticket.

You can choose the fees by yourself. These start at 1% up to 5%, depending on how anonymous you want to be + 0.0003 BTC Miner Fee.